Opening ceremony of BelPhO2022

Today, on November 20, 2022, a solemn ceremony was held at which the Open Belarusian Physical Olympiad for schoolchildren was launched. This Olympiad is held in the Republic of Belarus for the first time, the format of the Olympiad is remote. 9 countries applied for participation in the Olympiad: the Russian Federation, the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Turkey, the Syrian Arab Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan, the Republic of Belarus.

Each country is represented by 10 participants in two age groups. The total number of participants is 94.

The Olympiad will be held in two rounds (theoretical and experimental). The smartest will be selected by a competent international jury at the end of this week.

During the week, all participants will have a rich cultural program with virtual tours for foreign participants.

During the Opening ceremony, the Belarusian team launched a challenge for the participants of all teams: it is necessary to shoot a video in which participants pronounce the phrase in Belarusian “Shchyra vitaem!” and send this video to the Organizing Committee of the Olympiad.