National Children's Tech Park

National Children's Tech Park

The National Children's Tech Park is an educational institution that seeks to support gifted students, help them develop interest in scientific, technical and innovation activities.

During the tour, you will learn about the modern trends in science and education, equipment and technology available at the park that help our gifted students reach their full potential.

On November 22, 2022, the members of the team of the Republic of Belarus, together with their teachers, visited the National Children’s Tech Park, an educational institution unique for our country, the purpose of which is supporting gifted students, getting them interested in scientific, technical and innovative activities, incentivizing personal and scientific achievements, and training motivated youth in the most advanced fields of science.

The team members met the teachers of the Tech Park, who warmly welcomed their visitors and showed them around their new laboratories in a wide variety of fields ranging from robotics to sustainable engineering.

The modern architecture of the study and laboratory facilities, the unique highly specialized equipment and profundity of the finished works by Tech Park students impressed the team members. It was interesting to meet and talk to not only the teachers, who are real experts in their field, but also with their students, also gifted children, whose projects are astounding in their complexity and the amount of knowledge necessary for their implementation. The children also liked the Tech Park’s teaching practices as well as care for and individualized approach to each of the students.

We are sure that visiting the National Children’s Tech Park will motivate the children to create their own projects, invent and innovate!